A “no-words” quick review of TiSFF 2021

*14,317 Views / 27,478 Impressions (Vimeo Analytics)

* 3 for the 2022 OSCARS
* 7 for the 2022 CESAR Award, France
* 5 for the 2022 MAGRITTE Award, Belgium
* 5 films from TiFF 2021 in the Close-Up list

There is something about the TiFF that sets it apart from all other short film festivals:
it wears its importance very lightly.
It packs its superb relevance, political and affective nowness, inventiveness and risk-taking
radical programming in the softest tones.
It often feels like a chocolate box where every single chocolate is a welcome surprise – even
the ones that are bitter, full of unknown flavours, experimenting with your visual and
emotional tastebuds.
This way of serving the most important political (widely understood) issues of our time in the
lightest of ways means that we become the most receptive audience, ready to be surprised
again and again with every film.

Andreas Philippopoulos-Mihalopoulos
Artist / academic / fiction author