16th Tisff is on-line

Due to the rising number Covid cases officially reported, and most all cinephiles in Thessaloniki refusing to take the risk of being in a closed cinema for our 3-4 hour programs, we have decided to go digital on-line, from 2 to 16 October in the DIMITRIA Arts Festival platform. In the same loved program as in 2020 and 2021 .
This, will enable cinephiles to watch even all 99 gems of our program, or watch again a film that impressed them, as each daily program will stay on-line for a whole week.
We will not “sacrifice” such beautiful cinema for the very few , and going digital means promoting quality cinema to at least 15,000 viewers.
Never forgetting the big screen and Covid permitting, we are already planning an event in late November or early January, with a beautiful selection from our 2022 program.
Learn more at e-dimitria.gr/